Passionately we take self esteem in our vision, excellence through expertise and foresightedness. The trusted real-estate, stepped beyond quality housing and aspiring to create nurturing the tangible structure in Patna, guided by its mission of delivering new age homes to follow our valued customer.

VENUS STAR CONSTRUCTION PVT.LTD. is a real-estate company founded by  SRI SANJAY KUMAR SINGH (CMD) in 2011. With genuine establishment of unique contemporary style and passion to connecting people with property. With dream to build an environment where quality and excitement happens along side. We are not confined by traditional real-estate boundaries; we acknowledge responsibility to make a difference in the lives of people who are associated with us. We are VENUS STAR protect our reputation for excellence customer services while providing the highest quality with competitive pricing. As we believe to invest in prosperity and uplifting society benchmarks. .